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Burgers & Sandwiches

Our 6 0z handcrafted patties are made from the freshest,

locally raised, hormone-free, grass-fed Angus beef, grilled to perfection, served between a toasted brioche bun 


The Farmhouse Cheeseburger

w/ onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, ketchup, and mustard. – $9.99


Double Farmhouse Cheeseburger - $12.49

Hamburger - $8.49


Cheeseburger - $8.99


Double Cheeseburger -$11.99


Carolina Burger

 Cheeseburger sitting on a bed of house slaw topped with beanless chilli & mustard. - $9.99


The Looney Burger

 4 /6 oz patties stacked high w/ American cheese !!!! - $18.99

Memphis Burger

6 oz patty piled high w/ old virginian chopped pork bbq, house slaw & special memphis sauce. - $12.99


Southern Fried Crispy Chicken Sandwich 

5oz breast, Buttermilk battered & fried with pickles - $8.99


Spicy Chicken Sandwich

 5oz breast, Buttermilk battered & fried Crispy with Pepper jack Cheese, pickles and spicy sauce - $9.99


Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

5oz breast grilled with lettuce and pickles. - $8.99

Pork BBQ Sandwich

Old Virginian Whole Hog chopped with slaw.   $7.99

Brisket Sandwich

Applewood smoked brisket stuffed inside a toasted hoagie roll, piled high with grilled onions, pepper jack cheese w/tangy bbq sauce. - $12.99 

Add to any Burger, Sandwhich or Hot Dog: 

Jalapenos, Grilled Onions, BBQ Pork, Chilli, Cheese, Bacon, Egg,

Cheese Sauce, Onion Rings, Fried Mac N Cheese, Brisket, Slaw 

Hot Dogs

Beef Franks

grilled and served on a toasted potato roll. $3.99

Chili Cheese Dog

smothered in Chili & cheese sauce.   $4.99

Bacon Wrapped Dog

smothered in cheese sauce.  $4.99


smothered in Pork BBQ and topped with slaw.   $5.99


Seasoned Farm Fries or Tots

 Regular $3.99    Basket $5.99

Fries or Tots w/ Cheese

Regular $4.99   Basket $6.99

Add Chili, Bacon or BBQ

Make It A Combo

Any Burger, Sandwich or Dog

Fries or Tots & 20oz Drink

$3.49 w/ shake $6.49

Onion Rings & 20oz Drink

$4.99 w/ shake $7.99 

Chicken Tenders

3 piece    $5.99     w/fries $7.99

5 piece    $7.99     w/fries $9.99


Mac’n Cheese  reg - $3.99  large - $4.99

Onion rings battered & fried crispy - $4.99

Corn Dog Bites    6- $5.49   13 - $10.99

Cole Slaw  reg - $2.99   large -$3.99 



Kid’s Combo Meals

Choice of Hot Dog, Chicken Tenders or Corn Dog Nuggets with Fries or Tots and fountain drink. - $7.99

Fountain Drinks

Kids– $.99   Adult - $1.99

Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke

Sprite, HiC Pink Lemonade

Bargs Root Beer, Mr. Pibb

Orange Fanta, Sweet Tea

Unsweet Tea

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